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Ask Me Anything Recap 8/5/2020

  1. When can we expect to see the Silver RSS as an Alliance Resource Building option?
We may not have this update this year, because it's related to the balance in the game.
  1. Can you devs please make a way for non-spending players to permanently change states after they pass tc5?
Maybe not now because we also need to protect newbies from newer states. But we need to discuss it with teams on it.
  1. I have heard that traps only engage when that tier is being attacked. Is this correct?
it's not correct.
  1. Can we get a 12-hour peace shield? 8 is often too short and 24 too long
We will consider it.
  1. Can we get rioter tag like in BoB
We are already making it now.
  1. Can y'all change chat back to the way it was, please
We only made a small change, and we will have a new friend-chat system in the next updates - like Line.
  1. Can we lose the camp troop feature that shields troops, this war game, not camp with friends
Maybe not, we are doing this to protect newbies.
  1. Can we get at least sock pile maps to 10 to please it only holds 3 at a time
We may not change it right now. It's related to the data in the game right now.
  1. Will we have the ability to make allies officially in this game? Like a function to tag certain alliances as allies...
This is being worked on right now. You can expect it within the next few updates.
  1. Why don't the troops die when you run out of food? That will make the game tactics in my opinion.
No way!!! This is dangerous!
  1. Can you allow Alliances to make Allies with other Alliances, its sort of like a friend request that both Alliances must agree to?
There won't be any plan for it in the next few updates. But it's an interesting idea so maybe in the future, we will consider it based on your feedback and suggestions.
  1. Can you add a way we can tell if clanmates lost their sheriff? Like, add the jail bars to their sheriff when clicking them on the map screen?
We encourage players to pay attention to their own sheriffs but like the above one, we might consider it in the future. No fixed plan for now.
  1. Must I understand camp features for newbies but what about at some level it stops?
As you can see, camping can be used to occupy tiles in the game, and some of you might feel annoyed about it, which is actually how you can use it in the battles and events.
  1. What you'll do with dead states? Merge them?
State merging is not an option for now. As the cross-state teleport can be used to change the home state. However, we saw a lot of comments and suggestions regarding the state merging. So even tho I can't promise that there will be state mering, I won't either say there won't be state merging for sure. We will keep our eyes on the game data.
  1. Can you make an item that revives a lost VIP log in streak?
Sounds good. We might consider it. You can also let other players votes on your idea in the community so that the priority of the idea can be determined accordingly.
  1. When will Tier 5 troops be released?
Stay tuned on the news in this community. They will share some news with you soon.
  1. Do you guys have plans on adding a gob 6?
We already have gob 6
  1. Sheriff bonus formula. To clarify, mainly attack formula but all formulas would be nice lol
This is a key to the battles of the West Game, that I prefer not to tell it here. You can discover it with your allies in the game
  1. Any more VIP and sheriff levels coming?
You can expect one of these pretty soon. And the other should be coming later this year.
  1. Is one t4 soldier equal to 18 t1 soldiers
Not really.
  1. You mentioned that the traps will get activated only when the level troop is being attacked is incorrect. How does the trap work for different levels?
Traps will engage when battles are happening, they work exactly the same as troops basically.
  1. Are you guys working on a function where a person can pay a ransom for their sheriff?
Yes. With a huge system as well. Can be expected in the next few updates.
  1. Will there be a shield breaker item in the future?
You must be a killer. No it's too dangerous for most.
  1. Can we make sheriff presets free based on the VIP level? We’ve paid a lot for each run, presets should be free after we’ve opened it
Yeah, we will consider it in future updates. But it hasn't been scheduled yet.
  1. About how long does 1 update take to make?
Normally we have 1 update each month.
  1. What can we not gift our extra inventory to members when we have purchased gifts?
This might be affecting the game data in the game, as players with alt accounts could gain a huge advantage by this feature....
  1. Will the game ever stop spawning minions, rss tiles, and gobs within alliance boundaries??
Technically it's hard to control, as the alliance territory can be too many to let those neutral tiles spawn.
  1. Does that mean that my traps/troops will be engaged in this manner? Lv1 trap > lv1 troop > lv2 trap > lv2 troop > lv3 trap etc or Lv1 trap > lv2 trap > lv3 trap > lv4 trap Lv1 troop > lv2 troop > lv3 troop > lv4 troop
They will engage at the same time, but lower tiers would be killed.
  1. Please don't mention T5, will be the beginning of the end
It won't be T5 because we would like to have players haven't had T4s yet would be able to experience the new troops.
  1. Any plans on selling the redundant items for petty golds
Yes! It's being worked on. Can be expected to take place soon.
  1. Can you fix it so your best gear changes automatically when you set your troop preset?
This could be done in the future. You can let players vote on your ideas in the community!
  1. Fix the empty notice board and diplomatic board plz
You can check it with the customer support regarding this.
  1. How about an option to combine t1 and t2 troops to make t3, an combining t2 with t3 to make t4s
Hmmm, no plan for it yet. But we might consider it if there're a lot of suggestions for it.
  1. Can you improve the way equipment are organized so we can have the equipment sort by function and which ones have enough materials to upgrade?
There's a red dot notification when you have enough mats to upgrade the equipment. And yes we will look into the display method of equipment in the bags.
  1. Can you make the ability to donate gold to our Alliance members?
We don't have a plan doing this. Because it has to do with the balance in the game. You can also participate in the #free-giveaway here to get more free gold.
In the future would there be a gold tile in S42?
It's a question related to SVS~ We will have an AMA for events next time. If S42 has an SVS event, then there will be gold tiles.
  1. Can we get a glowing perimeter around alliance territory so That other alliance doesn’t gather in someone else territory
Yes, we're planning for it in the next few updates. You can stay tuned on it!
  1. Can we get our gear sorted by type or allow us to rearrange where it is in the inventory so it’s easier to manually change gear?
Yes, it could be done. Please let other players vote on it and let us know the priority of this idea.
  1. Why when VIP maxed, military orders maxed, experience, etc are maxed, why are they still rewarded as gifts? Could devs set something that once its all maxed a different prize is given?
Good question. And we're working on some optimization on it right now. You can expect it in the next few updates.
  1. Can you provide a feature that allows us to trade excess skin pieces with another skin, please. Trading excess pieces with the current gold are not even close to matching the value of these skin pieces
We will consider it. This hasn't been looked into yet tbh but we will make some discussions on this topic.
  1. Can you clear abandon Alliance buildings? It's annoying when a chancellor abandons an Alliance and leaves the rss alliance building hanging around.
Working on! Next few updates!
  1. I'm in State 40 and I'm tc 18 with 5 Million force. Is there a way for me to switch states?
    It's a relatively new state, so the teleport will be opened soon after the state is older than 3 months.
  2. Can possibly we lose camp features if in battle fever? Any other time may be useful and fair.
I'm afraid this won't be done, as it's also too dangerous for players when experiencing a battle fever.
  1. Can an entire alliance be moved to another state permanently
No plan for it yet. As for now, state movement is an individual's choice.
  1. Can we have different times on government and counties? As a kind of bigger time rotation
Okay, we will consider it in future updates. But we're not sure if it could be done atm.
  1. Is it better to use instant research/construction/train or speed ups?
That's an individual's choice, but I myself prefer research because it provides permanent boosts.
  1. Can we get an option to shield up automatique
You may find it through the subscription pack.
  1. Does it cost anything other than teleport to move to another state?
Permenantly teleport only cost port items, which can be obtained by the port pack
  1. Is there any way to make sure our spots are saved during ghost town so we get booted to the middle of nowhere after ghost town is done and an outlaw or rss tile is spawned?
This is hard to be controlled technically. But there will be a mail with a compensated teleport sent to the account if the spot is lost during the event. You can expect it in the next few updates.
  1. Can make more silver tile?
Not really. But it might increase in the future, not a closed one tho.
  1. Can we have preset for guarding heroes in the defense factory?
Yes, we will consider it. Please let players vote on your suggestions and let us know the priority of this idea.
  1. I'm sure someone probably mentioned this but is there any way that something can be implicated so someone at very high levels ( like 135mil troop ) can be stopped from attacking lower level players, farming them? And if you can not allow someone to teleport directly beside you and attack, to at least give the person being attacked a fighting chance?
Tbh, we don't have the exact same idea like this one. But we might consider adding some more protection for low-level players in the future, based on your comments and suggestions.
  1. Alliance leadership gets a mail when someone leaves their alliance. It would be good to have a mail when some Joins also. Can this be considered?
Please let players vote on your suggestion and let us know the priority.
  1. Can you guys eventually make a way for Alliances to capture counties with other Alliances that are Allies eventually?
No, we won't make this adjustment in the near future.
  1. Are we going to get VIP quests automatically finished like the other quests?
Yeah, we will consider it.
  1. Has any thought been put into at a certain level/power they are ported to dead states to repopulate dead states?
No. Changing a home state is an individual choice.
  1. Can WG improve cannon artillery power?
There's no plan for it in the near future. But we might consider it in future updates.
  1. What a the t4 superiority ratio vs t3?
You can test it in the game :slight_smile: I prefer not to share it here.
  1. Is there a way to unbind an account?
You can go to the in-game support interface, and tap on the account issue, and then tap the no. 5 to fill in the form
  1. Can we have new events similar to ghost towns or AVA?
We're preparing a league-like event regarding the AVA
  1. Can we have better gifts at higher gift level not quest refreshes and the person who has completed cc21 should not get military orders
We will have an update on this regarding the items that players are holding now. Maybe we can switch them to other items.
  1. Could you show the total amount of rss in another way, like in percentage? Auto-select isn't always the troops we would like to send and often result in dirty tiles
Yes, we're planning for some optimization on it in the next few updates.
  1. Same question as to another (Unanswered) - would the game be better if it did not support the Pay-to-Abuser and supported the average Joe player?
I believe we've been working on this since the beginning of WG, that we'd like to let all levels of players to enjoy our game and have fun with their friends. This is what we're striving to do. Battle fever is actually an idea that we brought to the game, as it mostly helps low-level players in the gameplay.
  1. I'm in maximum Lev in there any level 21 or more to.go?
No plan for it yet. But there could be higher levels in the future, not a closed one.
  1. We want an option for making by ourselves rather than buying. Also, 2nd construction/research/train queue is useless after when each takes more than 8 days to unlock/train/research/construction
It's available. You can try to find the best way to use the 2nd que feature during your development.
  1. Can you please make it possible to remove yourself from a gang of bandits rally?
This feature won't be implemented on the gang of bandits separately if we don't have it in the PVP rally. We'd like to keep the experience of PVE rally the same as PVP rally.
  1. I wish to suggest that reinforced troops be carried anywhere by a player being reinforced, it's for defense actually.
This idea will need to be looked in to in the future, as it's part of the core feature - battle in a strategy game.
  1. Can WG show cannon Artillery fire back to the attacker who attacking the Town? Rather than quite like nothing happen, and lost after an attack like not working to defense town
Yeah, we might consider it. Please let players vote on your idea.
  1. Is there a way to fix rss open slider to start at 0 instead of high amounts?
This idea is being worked on right now. You can expect it in the next few updates.
  1. That would be nice to be able to stack shields and antiscouts
We always encourage players to come back and check their town every now and then. If we have this feature, some will stack their shields for a really long time. We think that right now the time for the shield is long enough now.
  1. How is the amount that research/construction time is reduced by alliance help calculated?
Sorry, I think I missed this one. You can discover it by yourself in your gameplay, or you can ask for a favor from the lovely girls in the customer support team. They might help!
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Do your part ( a step by step guide )

Quoting user IronNoggin over @ all credit for steps 2-6 goes to him!
original post
A french version of this guide will be put together in the days to come, if anyone that is bilingual wants to pitch in, send me a message, please. I would appreciate it.
Time to start rolling hard on this folks.



Step 1:

Sign the e-2574 and e-2576. Sponsored by The Honourable Michelle Rempel Garner) (Conservative) and Todd Doherty (Conservative)

Petition to the Prime Minister

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Prime Minister to immediately scrap his government’s May 1, 2020, Order in Council decision related to confiscating legally owned firearms and instead pass legislation that will target criminals, stop the smuggling of firearms into Canada, go after those who illegally acquire firearms, and apologize to legal firearms owners in Canada.


Petition to the Government of Canada

We, the undersigned, citizens of Canada, call upon the Government of Canada to immediately repeal the Order in Council issued May 1, 2020.


It may take up to a few hours to receive said email. The system is overloaded currently.


Step 2:

I fired off the following letter this morning, and am now posting it on several forums so that others can copy it and send to our Governor General over their own name:
May 4, 2020

An Open Letter to Her Excellency Julie Payette the Governor General of Canada
First I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you for your performance in your role as the Governor General of Canada. Your professionalism is both steadfast and admirable.

To the point of this letter:

On May 1, 2020, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada, collectively constituting a minority government in Canada, intentionally set out to subvert and thwart parliamentary procedure in Canada. In their haste to make political points on the recent tragedy in Nova Scotia, they decided to forgo debate in the House over one of the more significant pieces of Legislation they have introduced in their new term. This action was and is an obvious misuse of the Order In Council process on the part of a government uncertain if their proposed Legislation would survive open parliamentary debate.

Fortunately in Canada there exists a “Safety Net” designed explicitly to prevent such forms of abuse, and that safety net resides within you and your office. As relating to this matter, the Criminal Code of Canada specifically states:

Criminal Code Version of section 117.15 from 2015-06-18 to 2020-04-21: Regulations

117.15 (1) Subject to subsection (2), the Governor in Council may make regulations prescribing anything that by this Part is to be or may be prescribed. 
Marginal note: Restriction

(2) In making regulations, the Governor in Council may not prescribe anything to be a prohibited firearm, a restricted firearm, a prohibited weapon, a restricted weapon, a prohibited device or prohibited ammunition if, in the opinion of the Governor in Council, the thing to be prescribed is reasonable for use in Canada for hunting or sporting purposes.

Justice Minister David Lametti himself provided evidence of support for these firearms’ application for hunting purposes when he stated: “There will be an exception for Indigenous people’s exercising a section 35 hunting right, as well as those who use the weapon for hunting to feed themselves or their family,”.

Many of the listed firearms have been used both historically and at present for hunting. Classic examples include the Ruger Ranch Rifle (a common item on many farms and ranches for both hunting and predator control) and the majority of bolt action rifles the proposed list encompasses.

The balance of the firearms on the list are currently employed for shooting sports – target shooting and competitive shooting sports. All of those which were previously classed as “Restricted” were only made available for individual ownership for the specifically noted qualification of sporting purpose use.
There is clear and compelling evidence that many firearms on this poorly designed list meet the criteria of “Reasonable use in Canada for hunting or sporting purposes”.

While exemptions to the citation above exist, they are based upon insubstantial change or urgency:

Exception — minor changes

(2) A regulation made under section 117 may be made without being laid before either House of Parliament if the federal Minister is of the opinion that the changes made by the regulation to an existing regulation are so immaterial or insubstantial that section 118 should not be applicable in the circumstances.
Marginal note: Exception — urgency

(3) A regulation made under paragraph 117(i), (l), (m), (n), (o), (q), (s) or (t) may be made without being laid before either House of Parliament if the federal Minister is of the opinion that the making of the regulation is so urgent that section 118 should not be applicable in the circumstances
No-one in Canada is suggesting that the proposed Legislation is “so immaterial or insubstantial” that the OIC was necessary or should be passed forthwith.

The very design of the Legislation itself precludes any overwhelming “urgency” in that owners are automatically granted a two-year amnesty, and that provisions for “grandfathering” (which will allow owners to retain these items for life) are incorporated. The only urgency relating to this matter is centered on the behavior of Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party in their headlong rush to capitalize on the tragic happenings in Nova Scotia recently. There exists NO “clear and present danger” from the most vetted citizens this country has at this point.

Those exemptions are the only two allowed by the Canadian Criminal Code. The Legislation as presented clearly does not qualify with either definition.
I thereby call on you, as Governor-General of Canada to deny the Order In Council as presented as prescribed in the Canadian Criminal Code Section 117.15 (2). I strongly urge you to preserve the integrity and sanctity of your Office that passing this wrongfully decreed OIC would corrupt.

I would appreciate the courtesy of a written response at your convenience.

A Very Concerned Citizen,

Email: [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])
Her Excellency Julie Payette the Governor-General of Canada Rideau Hall 1 Sussex Drive Ottawa, ON K1A 0A1


Step 3:

By exempting "aboriginal people" in Canada, Trudeau committed a violation of the The Canadian Human Rights Act.
Any who are not of that description are being openly discriminated against based on race by your own government.
Here’s the step by step process to file an action with the Canadian Human Rights Commission: File the complaint here
Put your own words in or alter theirs to suit your situation.
First Step (Make a Complaint)
  1. I was harassed
  2. Did this happen on reserve? No.
  3. Who were you dealing with? Government of Canada
  4. Why do you think this happened? My race and My National or Ethnic Origin
  5. Where did it happen? Your province or residence
Next Step (File a Complaint)
  1. Who did this happen to? Me
  2. I am a: Canadian Citizen or Permanent Resident
  3. Where did this happen: Canada
  4. City: Your city of residence
  5. Province: Your province of residence
  6. Who were you dealing with? Government of Canada
  7. Name of business, organization or association:Justin TrudeauLiberal Party of Canada
  8. Is it ongoing? Yes
  9. When did it start? 2020-05-01
  10. Click on Next Page
  11. What happened? (Discriminatory acts):I did not receive a serviceI was harassedOthers
  12. Why do you think this happened?My raceMy national or ethnic origin
  13. Next page
  14. Tell us your story:On May 1, 2020, Justin Trudeau issued an immediate and blanket ban on 1,500 weapons. He further stated that the banned weapons were not used for hunting. Following the announcement, Justice Minister David Lametti stated: “There will be an exception for Indigenous people’s exercising a section 35 hunting right, as well as those who use the weapon for hunting to feed themselves or their family. They may continue using firearms that were previously non-restricted for these purposes until a suitable replacement can be acquired.” Allowing "First Nations" in Canada to use 1,500 weapons banned for other Canadians who are not "First Nations" unduly discriminate me as a white Canadian of European ancestry, based on my race, as well as national and ethnic origin.
  15. Next page
  16. Contact Information: Enter your actual contact information
  17. Next page
  18. Do you have legal representation? No
  19. Are you a member of a trade union? No
  20. Next page
  21. Agreements: Click on everything
  22. Submit


Step 4:

For those who are on Facebook - Join the newly created CCFR Action Group and Get Involved!!
CCFR Action Facebook Group


Step 5:

For those of us in BC: Regardless of your thoughts / position regarding the BCWF, they have provided a platform to voice your opposition to the draconian moves by Trudeau et al. Take advantage of that!


Step 6:

Every revocation of registration must be accompanied by instructions on how to appeal. It's called a Section 74 appeal. Every individual filing and proceeding will tie them up for years. File individually for each affected firearm you own & make it as painful as possible for them on their end.
Canadian Laws Website
NFA - What to do


Step 7:

Contact all concerned MP's about this issue. Voice your disopinion, your intentions to vote, and your potential monetary pledges. Please take the time to customize your messages with a few personal words.

Dear Glen Motz, MP.
Today, I am writing to you as a concerned Canadian (a Quebecer at that). What the minority liberal government has done is unacceptable and undemocratic.
As you are probably well aware of, on May 1, 2020, Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Party of Canada, collectively constituting a minority government in Canada, intentionally set out to subvert and thwart parliamentary procedure in Canada. In their haste to make political points on the recent tragedy in Nova Scotia, they decided to forgo debate in the House over one of the more significant pieces of would-be Legislation (now regulation) they have introduced in their new term. This action was and is an obvious misuse of the Order In Council process on the part of a government uncertain if their proposed Legislation would survive open parliamentary debate.
I thereby call on you, as a member of parliament of Canada to deny the Order In Council as presented as prescribed in the Canadian Criminal Code Section 117.15 (2). I strongly urge you to preserve the integrity and sanctity of our country that passing this wrongfully decreed OIC would corrupt.
I am personally willing to dedicate monetary resources to entities that will be fighting this anti-democratic Order in Council. This issue will be a deciding factor in my voting intentions for the next federal election.
I would appreciate the courtesy of a written response at your convenience.
A Very Concerned Citizen,


Step 8:

For those of us who can afford it. We need to financially support our advocacy groups & political parties who will be at the forefront of this entire debacle.
Conservative Party of Canada (No other party has voiced opposition. As of right now they are our only political voice on this matter)



Étape 1:

Signez les pétitions suivantes: e-2574 et e-2576. Parrainé par l'honorable Michelle Rempel Garner) (conservateur) et Todd Doherty (conservateur)

Pétition au premier ministre

Attendu que :
Nous, soussignés, citoyens du Canada, prions le premier ministre d’abolir immédiatement le décret pris le 1er mai 2020 par son gouvernement sur la confiscation d’armes à feu détenues légalement, d’adopter plutôt des mesures législatives qui visent les criminels, de mettre un terme à l’introduction clandestine d’armes à feu au Canada, de sévir contre ceux qui acquièrent des armes à feu de manière illégale, et de présenter ses excuses aux propriétaires légitimes d’armes à feu au Canada.


Pétition au gouvernement du Canada

Attendu que :
Nous, soussignés, citoyens du Canada, prions le gouvernement du Canada d’abroger immédiatement le décret publié le 1er mai 2020.


La réception du e-mail peut prendre jusqu'à quelques heures. Le système est actuellement surchargé.


Étape 2:

**En cours**


Étape 3:

**En cours**


Étape 4: Pour ceux qui sont sur Facebook - Rejoignez le groupe d'action CCFR nouvellement créé et impliquez-vous !!
CCFR Action Facebook Group


Étape 5:

Indépendamment de vos pensées / position concernant la BCWF (BC), ils ont fourni une plate-forme pour exprimer votre opposition aux mouvements draconiens de Trudeau. Profitez-en! BCWF - YOUR FIREARMS RIGHTS


Étape 6:

Toute révocation d'enregistrement d'arme doit être accompagnée d'instructions sur comment faire apple à la court. Cela s'appelle un appel en vertu de l'article 74. Chaque dossier et procédure individuels devra être lu et cela les occuperas pendant des années. Classez individuellement chaque arme à feu affectée que vous possédez et rendez-la aussi douloureuse que possible pour eux.
Loi sur les armes à feu


Étape 7:

Contactez tous les députés concernés à ce sujet. Exprimez votre désopinion, vos intentions de voter et vos promesses monétaires potentielles. Veuillez prendre le temps de personnaliser vos messages avec quelques mots. Cher député,
Aujourd'hui, je vous écris en tant que Canadien concerné.
Ce que le gouvernement libéral minoritaire a fait est inacceptable et antidémocratique.
Comme vous le savez sans doute bien, le 1er mai 2020, Justin Trudeau et le Parti libéral du Canada, constituant collectivement un gouvernement minoritaire au Canada, ont intentionnellement voulu renverser et contrecarrer la procédure parlementaire au Canada. Dans leur hâte de faire des remarques politiques sur la récente tragédie en Nouvelle-Écosse, ils ont décidé de renoncer au débat à la Chambre sur l'un des plus importants projets de loi (maintenant règlement) qu'ils ont présentés au cours de leur nouveau mandat. Cette action était et est une utilisation abusive évidente du processus de décret par un gouvernement qui ne savait pas si son projet de loi survivrait au débat parlementaire ouvert.
Je vous invite donc, en tant que député du Canada, à refuser le décret en conseil tel que prescrit par le paragraphe 117.15 (2) du Code criminel canadien. Je vous exhorte fortement à préserver l'intégrité et le caractère sacré de notre pays que l'adoption de ce décret salirait.
Je suis personnellement prêt à consacrer des ressources monétaires aux entités qui lutteront contre ce décret antidémocratique. Ce sujet sera un facteur décisif dans mes intentions de vote pour les prochaines élections fédérales.
J'apprécierais la courtoisie d'une réponse écrite à votre convenance.

Étape 8:

Pour ceux d'entre nous qui peuvent se le permettre. Nous devons soutenir financièrement nos groupes de défense et nos partis politiques qui seront à l'avant-garde de toute ce fiasco.
Parti conservateur du Canada (Aucun autre parti n'a exprimé d'opposition. À l'heure actuelle, ils sont notre seule voix politique à ce sujet)
EDIT: Holy $%?#! Thank you so much for the awards. You guys are awesome. LETS BEAT THIS THING!
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The purse, hands in pockets!
Automatic trading software: Scam or miracle? You've probably come across advertisements for automatic trading software or automatic trading robots promising to make you rich, effortlessly. Beware of scams, we are here to sort out the true and the false. What is automatic trading ? There is a real amalgam these days. For a long time, automatic trading was only assimilated to trading robots or algorithmic trading, this is wrong. Let's simplify it: Automatic trading is simply the fact that orders are placed automatically in your trading account, regardless of the means: • Robot • Algorithm • A real trader For several years now, technology has allowed us to synchronize (with a latency of a few milliseconds) to the orders of a trader. For your information, the banks employ traders, with wages that make an individual like you and me never able to pay for their services: BNP Paribas: € 291,000 in annual compensation Societe Generale: € 200,000 annual remuneration Crédit Agricole: € 150,000 in annual compensation Natixis: € 142,000 in annual compensation This was without counting the technological revolutions brought to us by fiber optics and increasingly efficient computers. The traders we follow at Trade Automatique do not work for any banks and charge for their services by subscribing to around thirty euros per month. Do the math, they can earn a lot more with a few thousand customers than at any bank. Why not enjoy it? Do you know another way to pay for the services of a professional for 30 € / month? Does automatic trading work? A question that comes back to us regularly: Does automatic trading work? In fact everything will depend on the method that you will implement. For our part, it is clear that since we started, we have made money. We have never used a trading robot, the only method that we believe works is to synchronize with a real trader. Of course it is possible that there are losing days, it is not a robot or a machine, but the trader can adapt to the news and decide to stop trading when it does not work, when a robot can get carried away if nobody stops it. In addition we follow these traders with safety nets of 20 to 30%. Whatever happens, the trader followed will never make us lose more than 20% of our capital, it is rather reassuring for an investment as risky as trading. Automatic trading: Miracle or scam? In fact, neither. It is certainly not a miracle method which guarantees you gains without any risk. But if you can afford to take that risk, automatic trading is one of the solutions that can pay off in a short time if you are well supervised. At Trade Automatique you will have each week the list of traders that our clients follow, access to a private club on Facebook to trade with all members. In our opinion, this contributes to the recipe for success, having eyes everywhere and finding the nuggets, the best traders at the best time. We are there to guide you from opening the account with the broker until the closing of the first trades
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List of Weapons We Will Probably See in Future DLC's

I'm a federally licensed gun dealer in the US and also a collector, so I'll inject a little bit of gun knowhow into my speculations (ONE CAN ONLY SPECULATE) as to what weapons we will see in the future DLC packs. So far I'm only aware of two armies being added in the future: French (They shall not pass DLC) and Russian (Unsure if they are getting an exlusive DLC or just being thrown in).
I'll go by class.
FRENCH Chauchat-Ribeyrolles 1918 submachine gun
This experimental french submachinegun/automatic rifle is actually extremely interesting and not a lot is known about it. Like the Hielregal, as far as I know it didn't see a lot or hardly any production but I could be wrong about that. It was indeed rare. What is interesting about it is that it used an 8x35mm cartridge which had more in common with the round the AK47 shoots than a typical handgun round found in most SMG's. The MP18 for example shoots a 9x19 round.
What's interesting as well is that it operates by a straight blowback design. This is typically used for low-power cartridges. I can imagine this gun had extremely rough and sharp recoil. It would definitely be an interesting addition to the assault class as one of the most powerful SMG's there are, but at the cost of extreme recoil and very poor handling.
(American) Annihilator SMG (Assault)
This is the precursor to the Thompson submachinegun that was made famous during the roaring 20's and WW2. Although technically it didn't see combat in WW1 (it showed up like 2 days late to the party) it's just within the timeline and if DICE finds themselves short on assault weapons it could be an option. Since it's in 45ACP, it would be more powerful than the 9mm (and similar) SMG's currently available. At the time of this early version of the Thompson, I think only 20 round magazines were available so that could be one drawback to choosing this over another SMG.
(Russia) FEDEROV Avotmat. (This gun could actually be assault, medic, or even support depending on how the devs want to set it up).
This gun is considered to be the world's first true assault rifle instead of the later German MP44. It does fit into several definitions of an assault rifle, but it lacks a pistol grip (on most versions. It's layout changed during production a few times). It could fire in full auto, it had a huge 25 round magazine.... BUT.... it shot a huge rifle round. It's more along the lines of a battle rifle than an assault rifle or submachine gun. If this was in the assault class, it would be the most powerful gun the class will ever get. It fires the huge 7.62x54R (very similar to the 30-06 the Springfield 1903 fires). Recoil would need to be intense to balance the gun against others.
It could also be made semi-automatic and given to medics. Or it could be given to support players as an LMG.
(French) Fusil Automatique Modèle 1917 (RSC 1917) Medic
Fusil Automatique Modèle 1917
This was the most common semi automatic rifle in France during WW1 and actually quite a lof them were made (about 86,000). It's reliability on the front lines was kind of a mixed bag. Some loved it, some hated it. It shot the standard 8mm Lebel round of the French military. It only has a 5 shot magazine, so just like the current level 10 medic gun I would like to see it's damage boosted over other medic guns to make the reduced capacity worth it.
(French) Chauchat Light Machine Gun Support This will definitely be given to support players. The Chauchat was actually a relatively common sight on the western front for the French. Over 200,000 were made. It fed from a 20 round magazine, so like the BAR I imagine it will have high damage and accuracy at the expense of capacity. The chauchat was considered one the worst LMG's or even one of the least reliable firearm designs ever. It had some very confusion design choices that made it very prone to jamming.
A malfunction feature doesn't exist in Battlefield games, but I would love to see a "secret reload animation" for this gun where all the parts just fly out of it.
(British) Farquhar-Hill Rifle
This is a very interesting rifle and similar to the Federov Avtomat in that it was a relatively high capacity automatic rifle. Chambered in the .303 British (same as the SMLE rifles) it could feed from 10, 20, and even 65 round magazines. Some are semi automatic, but most were made fully automatic. The rifle was made in small numbers during WW1 and although I guess it may have saw combat in extremely, extremely limited numbers the order for 100,000 rifles was canceled by the British military as the war was ending and they were deemed no longer needed.
I could see them adding this to the game as most likely an LMG for the support class. Like the Federov, it fired too large of a round for it fall into the assault class and it would overpower every other weapon in the assault kits.
FRENCH - 8mm Lebel Service Rifles (Scout)
There's actually quite a few Lebel rifles they could put in the game. There's Lebel-Birthier's, Carbine versions (including some extremely short calvary versions), etc. But I'm sure we'll see a couple versions. They were decently strong actions, but certainly not the best. Accuracy was decent. It was the middle of the road rifle of WW1.
(Russian) Mosin-Nagant Rifle (Scout)
Pretty much everyone knows what this is. The good ole' Mosin, or as I like to call it... the Garbage rod. Just kidding. But although they are extremely durable, they were made by the tens of the millions to outfit a conscript army and therefore lack the fit and finish of something like a Mauser. Most are accurate, with some examples being extremely accurate.
(American) Remington Rolling-Block (Scout)
Martini Henry lovers rejoice. If they add this to the game, it would be similar to the Martini Henry. It is a single shot, breech loading rifle that was actually fairly popular with the french. The interesting thing about this rifle is that it came chambered in a bazillion different calibers. It is also known for being chambered in extremely powerful calibers that pushed the limits of it's VERY durable action. A slow reloader, but a heavy hitter.
(American/British) Pattern 14 Enfield or M1917 (Scout)
Although the Springfield 1903 was the official standard issue rifle for the United States, the USA was not very well equipped at the start of the war. To make up for this, the US basically borrowed a rifle from the British and named it the P14 or P17 or M1917 sometimes called the "American Enfield". It shared attributes from both the SMLE and Mauser rifles. They are extremely accurate and fast to operate the bolt. One interesting feature that would make it stand out from other rifles is that it held 6 rounds in the magazine. Most other rifles held 5.
(American) Winchester 1894 Lever Action (Calvary/Scout)
These are super common the United States and have been in production for a very, very long time. You can still buy new ones! It's your classic American lever action. If it makes it into the game, it will be an interesting choice against the currently calvary gun. It can hold 8 rounds, but chambers a smaller cartridge. So while a little less powerful, it has more rounds. It feeds into a tube magazine and there are no speed loaders, so reload times would be long.
(Russia) Nagant 1895 Revolver (All classes)
This is a very interesting revolver. It has a long reload like many of the "cowboy" single action style revolvers in the game, but it has a unique feature not found on almost any other revolver in the world - it uses a gas seal. The sneaky Russians wanted to find a way to minimize gas that leaks out of the cylinder gap (where the cylinder ends and the barrel begins) to increase the muzzle velocity. When the cylinder rotates, it also presses up against the barrel at the same time and creates a gas seal. It really only had minimal velocity gains but one interesting side effect is that it is one of the only types of revolvers in the world that can be threaded and suppressed with a silencer. Most other revolvers cannot be suppressed due to gas (and thus, noise) leaking out of the cylinder gap. Suppressors aren't used in the game, but if they ever add them this could be suppressed (silenced) even though it's a revolver.
(All Armies) Sabres, Swords, Stilettos, etc (All classes)
Lots of officers during WW1 carried personal swords, sabers, and stilettos that could range from being mundane to extremely ornate. It would be cool as a "legendary unlock" using puzzle pieces to get jeweled sabres and short swords.
(French) Ruby Pistol (All classes)
Like the Colt 1903 Hammerless and a few other pistols in the game, it's a 32ACP small-ish handgun that had a 9 shot magazine. When "topped off" it would put this at a total of 10 rounds which is actually a bit better than some of the other 32 caliber semi autos in the game. This gun saw service even past WW2.
(American) Smith and Wesson Model 1917 (All classes)
This is really your modern revolver design. A side release allows the cylinder to swing out and then a small ejector rod is pushed to remove all 6 empty casings at once. It can then be reloaded with a speed reloader and the cylinder closed back up. It is 38 caliber and I expect if it makes it into the game, it would have a medium fire rate, fast relaod, and medium damage.
(Various) Elephant guns, various portable and fixed anti-tank guns, various size bombs, improvised weapons, rear-echelon weapons such as muzzle loading muskets and pistols, artillery pieces.
There's a lot of gaps that can be filled with various other weaponry that was available at the time. Some could be put into class roles, some could be pickups, some could be elite classes, etc.
(Behemoth) "Big Bertha" German 420mm Artillery Cannon
It's been leaked that an upcoming behemoth is some kind of massive Artillery piece. If that's the case, I think it will be the 42cm Big Bertha.
It required a large crew to operate. I'm not sure how DICE would make this mobile, because it really wasn't. It could maybe be the first stationary Behemoth? Or it could be put on tracks and pulled around by a train I guess. The shells that this would fire are absolutely massive. It would make HUGE craters on the battlefield and have massive splash damage. I imagine it's reload would be very slow and it's crew vulnerable to enemy fire.
(Behemoth/Tank) German Concept Tank K-Wagen
I'm not sure if this could be put into Behemoth territory or just as a huge tank.
The K-Wagen was one of only a few super-heavy tank concepts during WW1. I think one or two prototypes were made but they never saw action and were scrapped after the war. If I remember right, it had a crew of 30 or more. It was bristling with guns and cannons and would have been a sight to behold. It was roughly twice the size of a British MkV. It would also be the first free-roaming land based behemoth. Currently the only land behemoth runs on tracks.
(New Class - IFV) British Whippet Tank
While not really a "tank" because it doesn't have any main cannons, the Whippet was more of a infantry fighting vehicle. Think of it as being less than a tank, but better than an armored car. It could get players around the battlefield a little more safely than the armored car. It was outfitted with 4 machine guns.
(Tank/Artillery Gun) The Kolibri Of Tanks. Just add it, DICE.
And while you're at it:
And lastly:
BOMBADIER: This elite class would focus on explosives and having a resistance to enemy explosives. His primary weapon would be some kind of chain-gun (think the light flanker tank) that was very heavy and caused him to be very slow. Also contributing to his slowness was his padded armor that protects him from blast and fire damage. As a trade off, he gets no gas mask so like the Sentry he can be defeated with gas when cornered. He'd have an amply supply of small bombs instead of grenades. They would have slightly lower damage than frag grenades but would have a much larger splash area effect. He could also have some kind of mines but that might overdo it.
Kind of like an elite assault player, but without the focus on anti-vehicle. I think he would get a powerful but fully automatic rifle of some kind. Maybe the Federov Avtomat or Farquar-Hill rifle from before. It would function like an assault rifle in BF4 with medium recoil, high damage, and high magazine capacity with a fairly quick reload. He would have medium health compared to the other elite classes and definitely have a gas mask. His purpose would be quick trench clearing. He would not be slow like the other elites. He would be very nimble and move around quite fast. He would be one of the best for clearing out bunkers or trenches in difficult areas like the Monte Grappa bunkers.
That's about it for now. I could keep making suggestions but the farther I go, the more obscure things will get.
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Déclarations, Actions et Décisions in Partie 4







Plot 1 - Operation Turncoat

A short time ago Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord contacted Klonik the Crafty, the most powerful Vandal chief in North Africa and ruler of the two Vandal cities situated on that vast continent; Cartenna and Cirna. Desperate at the Carthaginian assault on his tribe, and nurturing an eternal ambition to supplant the line of Agur as rulers of the Vandal Kingdom, he was quite willing to join with us. Though the Marquis des Pyrénées is now dead at the hands of Vandal warriors, his work has been continued by the new Comte des Pyrénées, taking over the March due to the youth of Talleyrand's own heir and the need for capable defence, Jean-Paul d'Émeraude. As part of our plan, Klonik contacted his King, pretending to betray his French handlers and claiming to be a double agent, where he was in fact a triple agent. He suggested a plot to Agur, one that would see Vandal armies under Klonik circle around a large French host led by the French regent, Jean-Paul d'Émeraude, to catch them in a narrow valley. Another chief (ThyReformer) was sent with Klonik, no doubt with orders to kill the crafty chief if he actually betrayed France. Unbeknownst to his King though, Klonik has lived up to his name. Having sent out orders to his two cities to join the French (city betrayal mechanic at work), he will also have French assassins recruited into the newly established Vandal intelligence service kill ThyReformer as the two are preparing to set the trap for the French, before having d'Émeraude lie low for a few days in order to pretend to be dead while Klonik hastens back to Nova Carthago in order to report to Agur himself, having his guards kill Agur. But though we hope Klonik has chosen the right side in this matter, we know better than to completely trust a ruler whose epithet is quite literally "the Crafty." That is a trust that will hopefully be earned over long years fighting side by side. As such, Klonik's French handlers have orders to kill the man if he goes back on the deal, and Émeraude is very aware of the possibility of Vandal forces taking him by surprise.
Outcome: If very successful, all of the outcomes below will occur. If less successful, perhaps less. If this was a double cross, Klonam dies. Cirna and Cartenna become French (this is the city betrayal mechanic and should occur regardless of plot success) ThyReformer dies. AQTheFanAttic dies.

Plot 2 - Catching the enemy by storm

The new regent of the realm Jean-Paul d'Émeraude, former Marshal of France (EmeraldRange ) askes for Louis Francois de Richelieu's (Seranatycompany) logistical aid in moving the French army to Hippo Regius. Heading the privy council as Regent and holding essentially royal power, Jean-Paul could be seen smiling in glee when he realised how unrestricted his command of the French army has become. Even more so now that Louis Richelieu provided access to the mass of troops near Bordeaux, previously outside the purview of the Marshal of France, and especially now that his position as Regent to the young Marguerite de valois allows him to command the Crownland troops. Previous attempts have allowed the French to catch the Vandals by storm, and d'Émeraude will take advantage of the experience the French have acquired over centuries of warfare in the region to command the French armies to march every single platoon of troops to surround Hippo Regius, hoping enough successfully navigate the rough terrain - perfect for the kind of surprise assault the French are envisioning but conversely difficult to navigate. Given that d'Émeraude grew up in the Pyrénées though, and as the present Comte of the region, he has abundant experience with hills. As per their past experience and due to the fact that the French can actually math, something that still seems to be difficult for the Vandals, an emphasis will be placed on siege engines and holding the terrain we seize.
Invested: Seranatycompany, ThyReformer Outcome: Depending on level of success, as many troops are moved to surround Hippo Regius as humanly possible, with an emphasis on the catapults and range units. Melee units should be placed between the ranged units and the main body of the Vandal army.

Plot 3 - Lords and Ladies of the Seas

Johannes de Kolettis pursed his lips as he considered the parchment pressed to the table in front of him. A recruitment poster, with a simple message: Wealth. Power. Maths. Do you wish to know more? Not that it constituted the entirety of the French Vandal recruitment strategy. The Mediterranean has long been contested territory. Though the seas to the east were largely secure, what with the Pact of Blood France maintained with Rome, notwithstanding the efforts of the pillagers and savages operation from Cagliari, the seas to the west were dangerous. Vandal and French galleys sparred for control of vital ports and trade routes as Orleans and Bulla Regia repeatedly traded hands. Something had to be done, and this was that something. Missives were going out to Vandal captains and coastal chiefs. Klonik the Crafty's web of contacts was being used, but the French were also relying on their own intelligence to avoid overdependence on a potentially unreliable asset. Efforts would be made to subvert elements of the Vandal fleet to the French cause, given the Vandal position on the back foot and greater French wealth and power. Moreover, many chiefdoms were converting to the Church of the West as its preachers spread further westward into the Iberian peninsula and throughout the Mediterranean, and a desire to be part of the Queendom of the Goddess would play a large part in their motivations. The Marquis de Loup de Rouge would further lend his formidable reputation to the cause. This, thought Johannes, is when I prove my worth to my adopted land.
Invested: blackmesagaming, sir_redwolf. Outcome: If very successful, all of the outcomes below will occur. If less successful, perhaps less. As many Vandal ships as possible, especially those around Orleans and Bulla Regia, become French. The rest are burned at port by the French-allied Vandals.

Plot 4 - DEA VULT

Too long have the people of the Mediterranean languished in sin, swearing by pagan gods, unenlightened and ignorant of the Goddess and her glory. This must end. The Matriarch in Avignon has spread vagrant preachers throughout the western and central Mediterranean, and indeed the fruits of this effort are already showing as Rome itself converts to the worship of the Goddess and our glorious Church of the West grows ever greater. But we must not rest on our laurels; let us strive ever further and do the Goddess every honour it is within our power to do her. The tribes of the Vandal peninsula and North Africa cling to the superstitions of the past, and though the majority of these are barbaric, some are worth nurturing. Indeed, it is considered an abomination to strike or harass a priest of their Old Gods, and - now - priests of their new fire deity receive the same treatment. An extension of this concept is that persons of priestesses of the Church of the West are similarly considered sacrosanct; another worthy trait of these pagans is that women frequently play the role of priestesses in the cults of their varied goddesses. We will capitalise on this. Over the coming months and years, Matriarch Petra II has decreed that our preachers wander even further and their words ring ever louder. She herself plans on travelling to mighty Carthage, to establish a Church mission and hospitals there and spread the faith. In the process, her entourage will shed priestesses as the greatest of her ecclesiasts leave to preach to the army on the fields of Hippo Regius and the Vandal people and soldiers of the region alike, as well as the city-state of Oran. DEA VULT!
Invested: porkpot Outcomes: Depending on plot success, all or few of the following outcomes may occur: Hippo Regius is converted to Nestorianism Carthage converts Oran converts
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